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Cable entry system, KDL-Jumbo
The KDL-Jumbo cable entry system is a split system. With this cable entry system, it is possible to insert large cables with a diameter of between 30 mm and 65 mm into a housing.

[HyperLink1] Cable entry system, type KDL-Jumbo
  • Cable insertion without interruption Highly stable, fully splittable system Integrated seal (cannot be misplaced) High IP65 protection class Labelling options Integrated strain relief on grommets Fire classification V0 (UL94) Installation materials included in delivery. Labelling with KSS 20x9 and KSS 10x8 label.
[HyperLink1] Cable entry grommets, type KDT/Z-Jumbo
The cable entry grommet KDT/Z-Jumbo allows the fitting of cables from 30-65 mm in size in the openings of the KDL-Jumbo cable entry system. The grommet has two parts, and is aligned and installed with the frame halves together around the cable. Strain relief can be provided quickly and easily for cables using cable ties.