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Divisible cable entry system KDL/M
The divisible cable entry system KDL/M is specially designed to introduce 1 or 2 pre-assembled cables into an enclosure without disassembling the connectors.

[HyperLink1] Cable entry, type KDL/M
  • Simple assembly and installation of pre-assembled cables. Integrated and split seal. Simple strain relief for cables using cable ties
[HyperLink1] Cable entry grommets, type KDT/Z (for KDL/M M32)
The cable entry grommet KDT/Z allows the fitting of cables from 3 – 16 mm in size in the feed-throughs of the cable entry system KDL/M. Using a cable tie, strain relief for cables can be provided very quickly and easily to DIN VDE 0619.
[HyperLink1] Cable entry grommets, type KDT/ZN (for KDL/M M50)
The KDT/ZN cable entry grommet allows the fitting of cables from 15 to 31 mm in size in the KDL/N-EMV cable entry system. With a cable tie you can achieve additional strain relief according to DIN VDE 0619.