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KDL/EMC cable entry system
The KDL/EMC is the metal version of the KDL. Sheath currents of shielded cables can be simply discharged in several different ways here.
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[HyperLink1] Cable entry system, type KDL xx/xx-EMC
The cable entry system KDL/EMC is based on the cable entry system KDL. A conductive surface allows cable sheath interference to be discharged onto the control cabinet simply and without additional aids. Field-related interferences are discharged by the metallisation. The types KDL 16 /xx-EMC fit on cut-outs for 16-pin connectors, the types KDL 24 /xx-EMC fit on cut-outs for 24-pin connectors, from Harting or Wieland.
[HyperLink1] Cable entry grommets, type KDT/Z-EMC
The cable entry grommet KDT/Z-EMC is a grommet adapted to the sheath diameter and fitted with a conductive textile tape to discharge interferences to the control cabinet. Strain relief can be provided quickly and easily for cables using cable ties.
[HyperLink1] Assembly