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Punching tools
Punching tools for steel sheets and stainless steel sheets. To produce exact cut-outs. Round cut-outs for metric or Pg threads. Rectangular cut-outs or cut-outs for SUB-MIN-D plugs.

[HyperLink1] Type SW-HG und SW-HW (Hydraulic manual punch)
Practical manual punch without additional conduit and cylinder, ideal for workshop and assembly.
  • Hydraulic punch made of high-strength aluminium
  • Overload protection via overpressure valve
  • Ergonomic handle, springs back automatically
The angle head can be pivoted 360° for better handling.
[HyperLink1] Type SW-HF (Hydraulic punch with foot pump)
Practical hydraulic punch with foot pump; ideal for use in the workshop. The foot pump does not require use of the hands, leaving both hands free for exact positioning and punching at the control cabinet. The support frame of the foot pump is splayed. This provides for stable, anti-tip working.
  • Overload protection via installed pump safety valve
  • Better punching performance then with a manual punch
  • For larger punching tools
[HyperLink1] Typ SW-WR / SW-WQ (Punching tool square / rectangular)
Several punching tools for the creation of square or rectangular cut-outs. These hole punches are delivered in a plastic transport case. Ideal for assembly work. Corresponding tension bolt is included in the delivery. During the punching process, the attachment points for the screw holes are centred.
[HyperLink1] Type SW-WE (Punching tool round)
Round hole punch, individual tools for steel or stainless steel plates. Versions for punching holes in metric or Pg threaded connections.
  • Metric sizes from M16 to M63
  • Pg sizes from Pg 9 to Pg 48
[HyperLink1] Type SW-WS (Punching tool set)
Round hole perforator tool sets from M16 to M40 and/or to M63. For steel or stainless steel plates. Punching tools are delivered in a handy plastic transport case. Ideal for assembly work.
[HyperLink1] Type SW-WD (Punching tool SUB-MIN-D)
Punching tool for creation of SUB-MIN-D plug cut-outs (9 to 50 poles). Simple and quick creation of these cut-outs, e.g. for connection of data transmission cables. Corresponding tension bolt is included in the delivery.
[HyperLink1] Type SW-ASN (Special nibbling tool)
Universal punching tool for creation of various cut-out sizes and shapes. Tools with hole punch width 15 mm and 20 mm.
[HyperLink1] Spare part for punching tools
Spare parts for the entire punching tool system.