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Type SW-HG und SW-HW (Hydraulic manual punch)
Practical manual punch without additional conduit and cylinder, ideal for workshop and assembly.
  • Hydraulic punch made of high-strength aluminium
  • Overload protection via overpressure valve
  • Ergonomic handle, springs back automatically
The angle head can be pivoted 360° for better handling.
TypeOrder no.Weight
Punching force
Operating pressure
Compact hydraulic manual punch, straight              
SW-HG hydraulic manual punch878010101.675650         1
Compact hydraulic manual punch with pivoting head              
SW-HW hydraulic manual angle punch878010121.975650         1
consisting of:              
1 pce. compact hydraulic manual punch              
1 each tension bolt version A              
1 pce. tension bolt version C              
1 pce. spacer bushing set (3-parts)              
1 pce. tap drill 11.0 mm              
1 pce. transport case              
Punching performance, round hole perforator:              
2.0 mm sheet steel (S235JR) max. Ø 84 mm              
3.0 mm sheet steel (S235JR) max. Ø 64 mm              
2.0 mm stainless steel (V2A) max. Ø 84 mm              
Punching performance, square hole perforator:              
2.0 mm sheet steel (S235JR) max. Ø 112 mm              
Spare part see chapter "spare part for punching tool"