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In this section you will find tools for a safe, streamlined electrical installation including cable stripping knife, wire stripper and cable tie tools etc.

[HyperLink1] Type KE (wire insertion tool)
  • Easy insertion of cables into split and slit cable protection conduits
[HyperLink1] Type BNW (riveting tool)
Only this tool brings out the full economical effect of the BN fixing rivet. The tools are matched to the size of the rivets. For type BN fixing rivets, see "Accessories" chapter.
[HyperLink1] Type Tube/Cut (Conduit knife for cable protection conduits)
Conduit knife for retrospective slitting of closed plastic cable protection conduits.
  • Safe handling
  • Simple, tool-free blade change
  • Replacement blade included in delivery
[HyperLink1] Type KS (Cable shears)
Sturdy cable shears. Suitable for removing cable sheathing and braided shields. EW-PAP cable protection conduit with metal braiding can be processed with these shears.
[HyperLink1] Type KM (Cable stripping knife)
Special cable stripping knife for stripping of wiring.
[HyperLink1] Type UAZ (Stripping tongs)
Stripping tongs for single wires up to a diameter of 2.5 mm2. A slider is used to adjust the stripping length. The stripping tongs posses an integrated cutting mechanism.
[HyperLink1] Type CrimmBoss (Crimping Tool for Cable End Sleeves)
Electromagnetic tool for crimping insulated cable end sleeves complete with accessories. A control unit for reducing the crimping force is available on request.
  • The CrimmBoss CB2 crimping process is only activated by mechanical contactors when the cable end sleeves have been completely and correctly inserted.
  • Contact tongue, small, for diameter range 0.14 – 1.0 mm²
  • Contact tongue, small, for diameter range 0.5 – 2.5 mm²
  • Contact tongues included with order
[HyperLink1] Type KBW / KKBW (Cable tie tool for plastic cable ties)
Tools for mounting of plastic cable ties. KBW 1K with adjustable automated cutting mechanism. Plastic casing, automated cutting mechanism made of metal. KKBW is full metal with manual cutting mechanism.
[HyperLink1] Type KBW/M (Cable tie tool for metal ties)
Cable tie tools intended for metal cable ties of type KBM, with manual cutting mechanism. Robust metal tool