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Type KB/KBM (cable ties)
natural colours: -25 – 85 °C black: -40 – 105 °C
KB black: V2 KKB: V2
KB: Polyamide 6.6 KBM: Stainless steel 1.4301
Cable tie in black are UV stabilised
Cable ties are a reliable method for the economic bundling and fastening of cables, cable harnesses, tubes, conduits and other components. The black cable ties are suitable for outdoor applications. The cable tie KKB 28 is equipped with a special locking mechanism and is especially suitable for heavy-duty applications. The KBM metal cable tie is ideally used for EMC solutions. It creates greater contact surface area for discharging sheath currents.
TypeOrder no.ColourLength
Bundle range
approx. mm
Tensile strength
max. N
KB 1587661251black752.21560       1000
KB 2087661252black982.52060       1000
KB 2287661254black1202.53080       1000
KB 2587661256black1403.633130       1000
KB 3087661260black1604.538180       1000
KB 4587661262black1784.845220       1000
KB 5087661264black2002.95080       1000
KB 5587661266black2004.850220       1000
KB 7587661268black2904.875220       100
KB 10087661270black3604.8100220       100
KB 11087661272black3707.8105540       100
KB 1587661210Natural colour752.21560       1000
KB 2087661214Natural colour982.52060       1000
KB 2287661218Natural colour1202.53080       1000
KB 2587661222Natural colour1403.633130       1000
KB 3087661226Natural colour1604.538180       1000
KB 4587661230Natural colour1784.845220       1000
KB 5087661234Natural colour2002.95080       1000
KB 5587661238Natural colour2004.850220       1000
KB 7587661242Natural colour2904.875220       100
KB 10087661246Natural colour3604.8100220       100
KB 11087661248Natural colour3707.8105540       100
Recommended assembly tool for cable ties up to 6 mm wide: KBW 1K              
Recommended assembly tool for cable ties up to 8 mm wide: KKBW              
Power cable tie with special lock              
KKB 2887661258black1808.040360       100
Herramienta de montaje KKBW recomendada              
Metal cable tie              
KBM87661014 2004.350445       100
Herramienta de montaje KBW/M recomendada