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Type PR/SV
RoHS compliant
-40 – 110 °C transient 140 °C
Mod. polyamide PA 6
Protector as strike guard and Conduit coupling. Cable protection conduits are protected against impact and abrasion. If required, cable protection conduits can also be connected.
  • Flat construction
  • Simple assembly with a sliding lock, without the need for tools
  • Optional stop screw (included in delivery)
TypeOrder no.ColourSuited for MurrflexA
Flat design for cable protection conduits, type EW-xx / EWT-xx              
PR/SV-EW 2183691058blackM25/P2151.651.2        10
PR/SV-EW 2983691060blackM32/P2957.951.0        10
PR/SV-EW 3683691062blackM40/P3666.051.5        10
PR/SV-EW 4883691064blackM50/P4878.049.5        10
PR/SV-EW 5683691065blackNW5690.851.0        5
PR/SV-EW 2183691018greyM25/P2151.651.2        10
PR/SV-EW 2983691020greyM32/P2957.951.0        10
PR/SV-EW 3683691022greyM40/P3666.051.5        10
PR/SV-EW 4883691024greyM50/P4878.049.5        10
PR/SV-EW 5683691025greyNW5690.851.0        5
Flat design for cable protection conduits, type EWX-xx              
PR/SV-EWX 2183691258blackM25/P2151.651.9        10
PR/SV-EWX 2983691260blackM32/P2957.951.0        10
PR/SV-EWX 3683691262blackM40/P3666.051.5        10
PR/SV-EWX 4883691264blackM50/P4878.049.5        10
PR/SV-EWX 5683691265blackNW5690.851.0        5
PR/SV-EWX 2183691218greyM25/P2151.651.9        10
PR/SV-EWX 2983691220greyM32/P2957.951.0        10
PR/SV-EWX 3683691222greyM40/P3666.051.5        10
PR/SV-EWX 4883691224greyM50/P4878.049.5        10
PR/SV-EWX 5683691225greyNW5690.851.0        5
Flat design for cable protection conduits, type EW-xx and EWX-xx              
PR/SV-UNI 7083691267blackNW 70103.551.4        5
PR/SV-UNI 7083691227greyNW 70103.551.4        5
Dimensional drawing