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Conduit connection / bulkhead fitting
Conduit connections for safe and quick installation of cable protection conduits. Various types with various protection classes for use in a variety of applications.

[HyperLink1] Conduit fitting m-top
Protection class IP 68. The variety of types with different thread types ensures almost any use. Integrated vibration protection in the form of a latch prevents unintended loosening of the cap nut.
[HyperLink1] Conduit fitting m-tec
Protection class IP 65. A conduit fitting in various models with different thread types. By screwing down the cap nut, the cable protection ring is held by a clamping ring.
[HyperLink1] m-fix conduit fittings
Protection class IP 54/65. m-fix is a quick-plug-in fitting. Simply stick in the conduit. Job done! Fitting is easy to open. Increase in protection rating from IP 54 to IP 65 possible with additional O-ring.
[HyperLink1] Conduit connection bulkhead fitting
90° conduit connection. The large opening allows easy insertion of pre-assembled conduits.
[HyperLink1] conduit connection m-jumbo
Conduit connections for large cable protection conduits NW 70 and NW 95. Easy assembly using two half shells. Cable protection conduit can still be rotated in the fitting.
[HyperLink1] Special fitting
Special fitting for use with custom conduits.