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Advise and technical information
In this area you can find useful tips and technical information relating to Murrplastik products.

[HyperLink1] Tightening torque for conduit fittings
Recommended tightening torque for connecting thread. Conduit fitting m-top, m-tec und m-fix
[HyperLink1] Thread dimensions for metric threads (according to EN 60423)
[HyperLink1] Thread dimensions for Pg threads (according to EN 40430)
[HyperLink1] Thread dimensions for NPT threads ANSI B 1.20.1
[HyperLink1] Installation dimensions and widths across flats
[HyperLink1] Protection classes according to EN 60529
The protective systems are indicated by a marking consisting of the two constant distinguishing marks IP and index for the protective system, e.g. IP 54.