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Punching tools
Punching tools for steel sheets and stainless steel sheets. To produce exact cut-outs. Round cut-outs for metric or Pg threads. Rectangular cut-outs or cut-outs for SUB-MIN-D plugs.

[HyperLink1] Hydraulic manual punch, types SW-HG / SW-HW
  • Hydraulic punch made of high-strength aluminium
  • Overload protection via overpressure valve
  • Ergonomic handle, springs back automatically. Version SW-HW:SW-HW: The angle head can be pivoted 360° for better handling.
[HyperLink1] Hydraulic punch with foot pump, type SW-HF
  • Overload protection via installed pump safety valve
  • Better punching performance then with a manual punch
  • For larger punching tools
[HyperLink1] Punching tools type SW-WR / SW-WQ
Several punching tools for the creation of square or rectangular cut-outs. These hole punches are delivered in a plastic transport case. Ideal for assembly work. Corresponding tension bolt is included in the delivery. During the punching process, the attachment points for the screw holes are centred.
[HyperLink1] Punching tool, type SW-WE
  • Metric sizes from M16 to M63
  • Pg sizes from Pg 9 to Pg 48
[HyperLink1] Punching tool, type SW-WS
Round hole perforator tool sets from M16 to M40 and/or to M63. For steel or stainless steel plates. Punching tools are delivered in a handy plastic transport case. Ideal for assembly work.
[HyperLink1] Punching tool, type SW-WD
Punching tool for creation of SUB-MIN-D plug cut-outs (9 to 50 poles). Simple and quick creation of these cut-outs, e.g. for connection of data transmission cables. The correct push- and pull- screws for this punch tool are supplied with the unit.
[HyperLink1] Punching tool, type SW-ASN
Universal punching tool for creation of various cut-out sizes and shapes. Tools with hole punch width 15 mm and 20 mm.
[HyperLink1] Spare part list for punching tools
Spare parts for the entire punching tool system.
[HyperLink1] Assembly