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In this section you will find tools for a safe, streamlined electrical installation including cable stripping knife, wire stripper and cable tie tools etc.

[HyperLink1] Cable shears, type KS / Cable stripping knife, type KM / Stripping tool, type UAZ
Sturdy cable shears KS1. Suitable for removing cable sheathing and braided shields. EW-PAP cable protection conduit with metal braiding can be processed with these shears. Special cable stripping knife KM for stripping of wiring. Stripping tongs UAZ for single wires up to a diameter of 2.5 mm². A slider is used to adjust the stripping length. The stripping tongs posses an integrated cutting mechanism.
[HyperLink1] Crimping Tool, type CB2
  • The CrimmBoss CB2 crimping process is only activated by mechanical contactors when the cable end sleeves have been completely and correctly inserted. Contact tongue, small, for diameter range 0.14 – 1.0 mm²
  • Contact tongue, small, for diameter range 0.5 – 2.5 mm²
  • Contact tongues included with order
[HyperLink1] Cable tie tool Typ KBW / KKBW / KBW/M
  • KBW 1K with adjustable automated cutting mechanism, plastic casing, automated metal cutting mechanism
  • KKBW is full metal with manual cutting mechanism.
  • Robust metal tool