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Cable entry systems for pre-assembled cables
The cable entry panel system is a split system that solves problems like introducing pre-assembled cables into enclosures, for example. Larger plugs can also be introduced into enclosures without difficulty. Various systems are available. All systems are designed to work with 16 or 24-pole connectors for the standard cut-out size for Harting and Wieland.

[HyperLink1] KDL/E cable entry system
The KDL/E cable entry system represents further development of the third KDL generation. The advantage here is quicker assembly at double the capacity. Optionally, the KDL/E can additionally be snapped in.
[HyperLink1] Cable entry system KDL/C and KDL/D
The type KDL/C and KDL/D cable entry systems can be used to route up to 12 pre-assembled cables into an enclosure. Another advantage is the high protection class, IP 65, which can be achieved with the type KDL/D
[HyperLink1] KDL cable entry system
The KDL cable entry system is a split system that allows pre-assembled cables to be routed into an enclosure without disassembling the connectors.
[HyperLink1] KDL/EMC cable entry system
The KDL/EMC is the metal version of the KDL. Sheath currents of shielded cables can be simply discharged in several different ways here.
[HyperLink1] KDL/S Cable entry system
The cable entry system type KDL/S is a special custom-prepared plate. It fits into cut-outs for 16-pole connectors.
[HyperLink1] Divisible cable entry system KDL/M
The divisible cable entry system KDL/M is specially designed to introduce 1 or 2 pre-assembled cables into an enclosure without disassembling the connectors.
[HyperLink1] Cable entry system, KDL-Jumbo
The KDL-Jumbo cable entry system is a split system. With this cable entry system, it is possible to insert large cables with a diameter of between 30 mm and 65 mm into a housing.
[HyperLink1] Cable entry plate KDP 24-Multi
The cable entry plates, type KDP -24-Multi are a combination of our KDP system and our cable entry strips KDL/E They are ideal for situations where a few cables with plugs have to be brought into the switch cabinet next to cables without plugs. The cable entry plates take up to four preassembled cables in two grommets.