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Labelling systems
The perfect hardware for all your labelling needs! Our Murrplastik labelling systems include transportable plotter for the servide aera via stationery plotter with diverse equipment options as well as thermal laminating systems through to gravur machine for professional long-term use.

[HyperLink1] Inkjet-System
Inkjet printer for quick, high-quality colour printing of label plates made from polycarbonate (PC), labels of the types ELO, ELW and ELG.
[HyperLink1] Laser-System
Quick and permanent labelling on a range of Murrplastik materials. Labelling without using consumables keeps running costs to a minimum.
[HyperLink1] Thermal Transfer System
Desktop printer system for rapid, durable lettering of labels in the industrial environment.
[HyperLink1] plotter systems
The universally proven all-rounder based on plotter technology. For mobile and stationary use.
[HyperLink1] engraving systems
Engraving and milling system for professional use. Processing of all flat, engravable materials.