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Labelling of push-buttons and signal lamps
Label plates for all standard control gear and signal lamp labelling. Choose from a selection of different materials designed to meet your needs. From stickers to inscribed plastic plates. A universal system enables manufacturers to be used independently. The available label plates can be used on a wide range of different manufacturers operating and information products. You can make your selection using an easy comparative list.

[HyperLink1] BT label holder
The BT and BTK label holders are used for labelling non-proprietary components and assemblies. The BT and BTK holders are mounted with self-tapping screws. Self-adhesive film is supplied with the BTK version as an installation aid. The transparent cover keeps the inserted label plates clean and free from mechanical load.
[HyperLink1] BT button and label holder range
Small packaging quantities. Range S-BTK 22.5 comprises: each 48x BTK 22.5; KS 15/27; TA 15/27 and self-tapping screws. Range S-BTK 15/27 comprises: each 48x BT 15/27; KS 15/27; TA 25/27 and self-tapping screws. Range S-BTK 15/49 comprises: each 48x BT 15/49; KS 15/49; TA 15/49 and self-tapping screws. Range S-BTK 15/67 comprises: each 48x BT 15/67; KS 15/67; TA 15/67 and self-tapping screws.
[HyperLink1] Label holder BMA
The BMA system is a flexible system for the labelling of push-buttons and signal lamps. The neutral BMA-type label holders can be provided with different BT-SR...-type labels frames, depending on the labelling need or requirement.
[HyperLink1] BZS Labelling Systems
The BZS system was developed as a simple means of accommodating a great deal of labelling information in or on the switching cabinet. Das BZS-System kann sehr variabel eingesetzt werden. The labelling rail with the snap-in labels provides independent designation of all push-buttons and signal lamps. The transparent cover keeps the inserted label clean and free from mechanical load. The end caps close the label rail off from the machine. The BZS T20 multi-function tool is available for optimum length adjustment of the label rail.
[HyperLink1] KS label plate (multi-line)
High-quality, halogen-free, universal label for single-line and multi-line inscriptions. The KS label plate is inserted in base holders BT, BTK or BZS.
[HyperLink1] KSK type (universal adhesive label)
High-quality, halogen-free label plates for affixing to the BT-SR label holder and other label holders from a wide range of manufacturers.
[HyperLink1] ELW / EL0 type label plate
High-quality polyester sheet labels for single-line and multi-line inscription of Siemens 3SB push-button and signal lamp holders. The labels are arranged for DIN A4 laser printing. The sheet can be divided into DIN A5 if required.