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BT label holder
The BT and BTK label holders are used for labelling non-proprietary components and assemblies. The BT and BTK holders are mounted with self-tapping screws. Self-adhesive film is supplied with the BTK version as an installation aid. The transparent cover keeps the inserted label plates clean and free from mechanical load.
-40 – 80 °C
PVC BTK: Adhesive 467
Single-line and multi-line inscription
Use in electrical systems and installations of all kinds
TypeOrder No.Colourfor label size mm          Pkg. Qty.
BT 15/2786441010black15 x 27          250
BT 15/4986441012black15 x 49          250
BT 15/6786441014black15 x 67          250
Holder with adhesive tape on rear              
BTK 15/2786441210black15 x 27          250
BTK 15/4986441212black15 x 49          250
BTK 15/6786441214black15 x 67          250
for Ø 22.5 mm elements, label size 8x26.5 mm              
BT 22,586442018black8 x 26.5          480
for elements from Möller Ø approx. 28 mm, label size 8x26.5 mm              
BT Harmony ZB486442016black8 x 26.5          250
for Ø 22.5 mm elements, label size 15x27 mm              
with adhesive tape on reverse side              
BTK 22,586441016black15 x 27          250
Transparent cover              
TA 8/26.586441418Transp.           480
TA 15/2786441410Transp.15 x 27          480
TA 15/4986441412Transp.15 x 49          240
TA 15/6786441414Transp.15 x 67          120