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Label holder BMA
The BMA system is a flexible system for the labelling of push-buttons and signal lamps. The neutral BMA-type label holders can be provided with different BT-SR...-type labels frames, depending on the labelling need or requirement.
-40 – 80 °C
Single-line and multi-line inscription
Use in electrical systems and installations of all kinds
TypeOrder No.Colourfor label size mm          Pkg. Qty.
Holder standard              
BMA 22,586442020black           50
BMA 30,086442024black           50
Standard label frame              
BT-SR 15x2786442034black15 x 27          10
BT-SR 15x4986442036black15 x 49          10
BT-SR 15x6786442038black15 x 67          10
BT-SR 27x12,586442028black27 x 12.5          10
BT-SR 27x1886442030black27 x 18          10
BT-SR 27x2786442032black27 x 27          10
Holder Harmony              
BMA 22,5 Harmony86442022black           50
Harmony label frame              
BT-SR 8x26.5 Harmony86442026black8 x 26.5          10
BT-SR 27x18 Harmony86442042black27 x 18          10
Standard panel (with BZS fitting)              
BMA86442040black           10
Transparent cover              
TA 27/12.586441420transparent27 x 12.5          216
TA 27/1886441422transparent27 x 18          180
TA 27/2786441424transparent27 x 27          108