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Type TK
Label plate for insertion in transformer terminal blocks. Suitable for: transformer terminal blocks with nail clip.
-40 – 140 °C
Universal transformer terminal label
Individual and strip mounting
TypeOrder No.ColourRAL equiv.Label size mmPrintable area mmNumber symbols/lineTrees per frameQty. each frameSoftware Type    Pkg. Qty.
7 mm pitch strips in a row              
TK 4,5-7,086402412white90164.5 x 7.04.5 x 7.03 / 155090     450
7.5 mm pitch strips in a row              
TK 4,5-7,586402410white90164.5 x 7.54.5 x 7.54 / 155091     450
refer to labelling system for suitable base plates              

Dimensional drawing:

TK 4.5-7.0 (terminal block profile)

TK 4.5/-7.0 (label profile side view)

TK 4.5/-7.0 (label profile front view)