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Labelling systems
The Murrplastik labelling system for single wires, control gear, clamps, cables, control and signal units and conduits is one of the most universal on the market. We have developed our labels for many components by well known manufacturers. In doing so, we fulfill all requirements for a modern, compatible labeling system. Alongside simple manual input, existing data can also be drawn from various CAD/CAE systems into the unit's own software.

[HyperLink1] Single wire, cable, and conduit labelling
Over 100 variants. Which one is right for you? From wrap-around labels to inscribed aluminium circular blanks.
[HyperLink1] Terminal block labelling
Labelling plates for all standard clamping products. The available label plates can be used on multiple clamping products from different manufacturers. You can make your selection using an easy comparative list
[HyperLink1] Component and component location labelling
Label plates for all standard electronic components in the control cabinet and on machinery, such asProtective devices; bus modules, etc.The available label plates can be used on multiple products from different manufacturers. You can make your selection using an easy comparative list
[HyperLink1] Labelling of push-buttons and signal lamps
Label plates for all standard control gear and signal lamp labelling. Choose from a selection of different materials designed to meet your needs. From stickers to inscribed plastic plates. A universal system enables manufacturers to be used independently. The available label plates can be used on a wide range of different manufacturers operating and information products. You can make your selection using an easy comparative list.
[HyperLink1] System labelling
To help make your equipment more familiar, we name everything. Choose from a wide range of different materials to meet your specifications for system labelling. From stickers to multi-layer plastic labels in colour.
[HyperLink1] Software
From simple numbers up to complex characters. The Unicode-compatible software allows for the production and processing of labelling data.
[HyperLink1] Labelling systems
The perfect hardware for all your labelling needs! Our Murrplastik labelling systems include transportable plotter for the servide aera via stationery plotter with diverse equipment options as well as thermal laminating systems through to gravur machine for professional long-term use.
[HyperLink1] Accessories
Little aids to make the work go easier
[HyperLink1] Labelling material search
Welcome to the new Murrplastik labelling material search.
[HyperLink1] Engraving material
Engraving represents one of the most durable yet economic labelling methods. Engraved labels last an extremely long time, are resistant to environment influences and mechanical stress. The combination of engraving and suitable media can produce long-lasting labels even in the harshest of industrial environments. There are a variety of fastening possibilities. These range from a simple press-on action using a self-adhesive side to fastening with cable ties or a label holder system to be screwed or riveted down.
[HyperLink1] Engraving material search
Murrplastik Systemtechnik offers you a wide spectrum of engraving materials in many shapes and colours, as well as different optional characteristics. It's quick and easy to find the right solution based on the materials, dimensions, shape, colour and fastening type. The material DM, DMG and TMG are suitable for labelling with plotters, lasers and engraving. The material ALU can be inscribed with laser or engraving machines. The material ALM is mainly used in engraving, but laser inscriptions are also possible. Laser inscriptions are also possible.